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Holistic Pet Full Body Harness


Fully adjustable front and hind limb harness.
Now you can help your pet get up from a lying position, walk up and down the stairs, and get into and out of the car.
Ideal for pets suffering from arthritis, paralysis, weakness or old age.

Provides support and stability for the front and hind limbs with minimal stress on the body and abdominal organs.

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The Full Body Harness can be used as an aid post operatively. Can be worn for extended periods of time.
Padded and cushioned for the ultimate comfort and support.

Reflective trim for use in low light conditions.

Full Body Harness Sizing Guideline only:

Xsmall: 8-15kg e.g. Staffie, Beagle, Fox Terrier
Small: 15-25kg e.g.: Border Collie, Basset, Spaniel
Medium: 25-45kg e.g. Labrador, Red Setter, Dalmation
Large: 45-75kg e.g. Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Ridgeback

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