Obesity and Osteoarthritis in Pets

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Obesity in humans has been called the most important health problem facing humans in the Western World by the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, it is affecting our pets as well. Some of the literature and statistics from Veterinary Clinics show … Read More
cartoon horse drawn using its fascia connective tissue

What holds your horse together?

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Have you every thought about what really holds your horse’s body together? Is it their skin? Skeleton? Your horses’ “birthday suit” is actually made up of a web of connective tissue called Fascia. Fascia has been receiving a great deal … Read More

Feline Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation has become highly valued within human medicine and is relatively well established overseas and now in South Africa, with regards to canines, but what about our feline masters? Their reputation precedes them as being independent or uncooperative … Read More

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